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  1. Sarah Kelusky says:

    I recently broke my back, and since the surgery my muscles have been very tight. I love all natural remedies so when I came across your muscle and joint therapeutic massage oil. It was a must try and let me tell you what it did not disappoint! I highly recommend this product. I also bought incense, smells and kinds that you cannot buy at a store. I highly recommend the incense from Aradia naturals as well

  2. Sandra says:

    The carpet re-fresh works good, thanks! The fragrance is good for that purpose and quite strong.

  3. Trisha slade says:

    As always, the products I purchase are amazing. I bought the essential oil incense and the aroma was heavenly. After it burned out the smell still lingers in the home. I keep coming back for more 🙂

  4. Sandra Coté says:

    Top quality essential oil-infused incense! Air-purifying!

  5. artesaniaslauraenid says:

    Purchased the floral body powder. Super fast shipping and excellent service. Love the product! Thank you. 🙂

  6. artesaniaslauraenid says:

    Purchased “REVIVE” nourishing facial oil. Simply AMAZING! Fantastic product. Excellent service. Will be back for more!!! Thank you!! 🙂

  7. Doris says:

    Received the parcel today. Thank you very much, I just love your shampoo bars. Happy spring .

  8. Kari says:

    I got the rolled beeswax candles in the mail last week, and I love them. Thanks again for your help!
    Take care.

  9. Nanou says:

    I’m so excited !! It smell so good and finally got a real sweetgrass perfum !! thank you

  10. Sandra Coté says:

    Love the patchouli/lavender hemp soap!

  11. testraz says:

    I don’t know what sweet grass smells like but there is really a coconut scent in this green perfume!! That’s so awesome :). I will be back for more. The chocolate perfume smells very chocolate-y. I look forward to trying the Mocha Mint tea.

  12. Tammy says:

    Thanks so much for your speedy services, Teresa! I love your product and will definitely check out your Facebook page 🙂

  13. Paige says:

    Hi Teresa,

    I just wanted to tell you about my experience with your Calendula Salve. I originally got it to help with a small skin rash but oh the uses for this lovely product. I get yeast infections under my armpits and I scratch, can’t help myself. well your salve helped immediately and by morning it was much improved and I can stop scratching!!

    My neighbour burned himself on a torch, its was nasty. I gave him what I had left of your salve and he says that within a couple of days the huge scab just fell off, clunk, on the floor. Surprised the hell outta him! told him to just keep using it and he healed up nicely.

    Oh and please let me know when you have more of the goats milk and oatmeal soap available, that stuff was lovely.

  14. Osnath Rice says:

    I just tried the Lavender Geranium body powder. I love it, the scent is wonderful and it does not make me itchy, so my problem is solved.
    Thank you.

  15. Sara Tennant says:

    Re: Lavender Flowers:
    Fragrant, Perfect, Relaxing, Wonderful, Therapeutic!

  16. Leslie Sanders says:

    hi Teresa, i met you in Gimli and bought the sweet grass spray, very nice,thanks!

  17. Jordan says:

    I picked up the package this morning and it is awesome, the packaging, product everything. Very professional. I am very pleased and excited.

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for the perfect Christmas gifts!

  19. Anne says:

    Everything is great, the tea is very flavorful, incense smells wonderful. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++++++

  20. Mackenzie says:

    Love your clear improvements product, someone had bought it for me previously and it’s the only product that works without drying out my skin. All other products dry out my skin terribly, and when I apply commercial facial moisturisers I just end up breaking out again. Thought I’d try the facial scrub as well this time!

  21. Paula says:

    Good Morning!

    I am writing the cheque as we speak. It will be in the mail this afternoon.
    Please send my products when you receive the cheque.
    It has been a few years since I have used the patchouli based powder and I am so excited. It smells so good and it lifts my spirits! I always receive compliments when I wear it.


  22. Sunshine says:

    This is the best natural deodorant I have ever used!

  23. Marie says:

    I just love the smell of the deodorant! The patchouli was not over powering. Once I received the package I immediately opened it up and put it on! At the end of the evening I smelled fresh and clean! Even had my mum give me a whiff! My package was shipped out promptly and received it within a week which I think is great coming from Canada! I have yet to use the clay mask, but I can’t wait! The mask is packaged perfectly for travel providing everything you need (minus the water of course) so you don’t have to go looking for the needed utensils which I just love!

  24. Shawn Cote says:

    Hey Theresa!

    I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to meet you at the Christmas show yesterday!

    I love all of the products I bought – and the sweetgrass perfume is heavenly!!

    I look forward to speaking with you some more – and ordering more incredible products!

    Thanks so much!

  25. Deborah says:

    Hi Theresa … just received the two powders I ordered …
    Patchouli and Lime, and Lavender and Rose … love both … feel fresh, dry, more confident during hot days …and love the finely milled powder and mostly that is NATURAL… My 22 year old son will also be using the patchouli and lime to help with dryness and odour control.
    My favourite scent is patchouli- could you try and make a patchouli, vanilla and light musk powder … I assure you these 3 scents make an amazing combination … please try – the 3 scents really compliment each other. Thank you so much for your wonderful products … have told my friends –
    and thank you so much for such expedient delivery. Your new customer, Deborah.

    • Deborah Austin says:

      HI ….Theresa, I get great energy from your website!!

      I too, purchased the patchouli and lime and lavender rose body powders and love them … although we share the first name … I agree with Deborah … please consider putting … patchouli … musk and vanilla together in a powder … I remember Nicole Kidman being on a talk show … (Dave Letterman – I think). He told her she smelled absolutely beautiful and asked what she was wearing. She did not want to reply … but eventually said that it was a special blend made just for her … patchouli, vanilla and musk. And she was always complimented on her scent.
      Also … please … I would like to order the hemp, and patchouli soap, but you are currently sold out. Looking forward to that purchase soon. Thank you for your dedication and passion in your endeavours, as so far I am very impressed and look forward to more innovative and natural products.
      Deborah A.

      • Aradia says:

        I appreciate the feedback. It will be awhile till I order in hemp oil, but you may want to consider a Glycerin Patchouli soap which I can make up especially for you in small or large quantities.
        As for the musk component to the powder, musk is synthetic and, as you know, I am committed to using only natural ingredients in my products. I can try to come up with a suitable blend that might approximate what you are looking for. I’ll get back to you with that. I might try it out as a new perfume blend first.

  26. Aradia says:

    Hi Tammy,

    Yes. I am in the process of reloading all my data after moving the web address. Teresa

  27. Tammy says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Do you still have your amazing hand dipped incense? I couldn’t find it in the catalogue. I absolutely love the incense and would be so disappointed if I can’t order it anymore. I’m in need of more so please let me know!

    Thanks 🙂

  28. Paige says:

    Hi Teresa,

    The stuff arrived last night and boy what a change in just one application of the suave! You are officially a Goddess in my Universe!


  29. Lisa says:

    The Sweetgrass perfume was everything I expected it to be. The smell of warm grasses in the summer sun :o)

  30. Fran says:

    We used your Comfrey Salve last winter. It really made our skin feel great after the burning wind and cold. I use it every night now. It’s the only product I have tried that has helped me like that. It refreshes my skin. Thank you for producing a great product!

    I also love your Muscle & Joint Oil. It hardly takes any to take away my pain. Just a few drops helps relieve the pain in my arm.

  31. Nicole says:

    Hi Teresa,

    I came across your website about a month & a half ago by fluke & I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did. I’ve used your clear skin teas, detox teas, oatmeal bar soap & your clear improvement oil & all of the products are FANTASTIC! I’ve used every over the counter product for my skin & your products are by far the best I’ve ever used. Thank you!


  32. aradia says:

    Thanks for the feedback Tim. The Patchouli & Lime Anti-Perspirant Body Powder is truly a “unisex” scent. Interesting that you feel manly with it. I feel earthy, fresh, and grounded! I have also had a number of compliments from strangers when wearing it!


  33. Tim says:

    The LIME DEODORANT leaves me smelling fresh and manly.

    Its a really natural scent when applied on the body that doesn’t smelly “perfumy”.

    Although it smells really strong in the jar and you might panic —
    once its on your body I assure you it does not smell like perfume.

    This natural feel deodorant is a real confidence booster on a hot day!

  34. Paige says:


    I picked up a bottle of your Clear Improvement at Portage Place last week. I’ve only used it a few times but I can see a definite improvement and it has sped up the healing process. I just want to say Thanks!!

  35. Osnath Rice says:

    Me again, well I tried the Revive oil, wow what a wonderful product, my face is soft and smooth all day, and the Sugar Body Scrub, that is without a doubt the best I have ever used, love it.

  36. Brittany says:

    Hey Teresa! I love your site!
    You did very well. Congrats!

  37. Heather Lair says:

    Hello Teresa, Congratulations on this beautiful online store! It is very easy to look through, and your descriptions are just right. I can only imagine how many hours you spent on it…. Well done! I have made a list of things I need from you and will submit an order soon. My family is still looking for the chamomile shampoo you had a few years ago. Any chance you can find it again?

  38. Osnath Rice says:

    Great site with wonderful products to choose from.

  39. Mariand says:

    Re: Comfrey Salve.
    Very nice texture and scent. Pleased with the purchase.

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