Soap & Shampoo Bars

Hand crafted natural soaps for face & body, and emollient, cleansing hair shampoo (“no-poo”) bars. Interested in learning how soap is made? Check out this tutorial:

Scent-Free Laundry Soap Bar/Stain Stick

Pure & Natural all-coconut soap bar for fabrics and stains.

Dampen stained fabric and your bar and gently rub onto the stain until it lathers nicely. Let sit for a half hour if desired, or throw directly into the washing machine as usual.

You can also use this bar as a laundry detergent by grating it finely and adding with borax, baking soda or citric acid. You can use as little as a half cup of the mixture per laundry load.

No artificial ingredients. This is as natural as it gets!

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Shampoo/Body Bar – Avocado & Yolks Tea Tree

Emollient, conditioning, bubbly shampoo bar with antiseptic Tea Tree Oil.

This rich and luxurious bar especially formulated for dry or damaged hair, but is suitable for normal hair types as well. It will not irritate the scalp as most commercial shampoos can. This bar will help condition your hair and scalp. It is an excellent sensitive soap bar for dry skin too and won’t disappoint!

Because commercial shampoos strip the hair’s natural oils, the scalp compensates by producing and over abundance of sebum, requiring frequent washing. With regular use of this product, you will be able to reduce the frequency of hair washing significantly as  your sebum production has normalized. Your hair will also be lighter once the build up of old conditioners is gone.

With Aradia Naturals’ shampoo bar, you will not have to use a separate hair conditioner as this product will not dry or damage hair. However, you will need to follow with a rinse of vinegar-water.

*It is important to follow up shampoo bars with a PH balancing rinse. See HERE for details.

Each package contains 2 shampoo bars.


Avocado, Olive,  Coconut, and Castor Oils, Water, Egg Yolks, Sodium Hydroxide (saponified), Honey and Pure Tea Tree Oil.


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Soap – “Bubbly-Scrubbly” Grease-Lifting Loofah Soap Cake

Dirt and Grease don’t stand a chance!

Bubbly-Scrubbly is an all natural soap with built in exfoliating Loofah slice! Scented with Vanilla Absolute & Ginger Grass essential oil. It contains a generous amount of coconut milk. (mmm!) If your work does a number on your hands or feet because of grease and grime, you will find this product really helpful.

This soap is super sudsy and creamy with superior cleansing ability. It really cuts and lifts off grease.

Perfect for restaurant cooks, gardeners or mechanics. Also may be used on oily skin.

A loofah slice embedded inside the soap cake will gently scrub while the lather takes away grease and grime!

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Soap – Magickal Practise Ritual Cleansing Soap

For those with a spiritual turn of mind, this soap was created for use before meditation and ritual practise, but can be used in daily cleansing too.

Infused with spiritually cleansing White Sage and Rosemary leaves and essential oils. Free of anything harsh.

Naturally antiseptic with Rosemary essential oil. Also heightens alertness.

60 gram bar

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Clear, unscented glycerin soap base; Rosemary and White Sage leaves; Rosemary essential oil. Soap Base Contains: Coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, glycerin (kosher, of vegetable origin), purified water, sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, sorbtan oleate, soy bean protein.

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Soap – Organic Hemp Soap – Patchouli & Lavender

Patchouli & lavender super rich and creamy hemp soap!

Super rich and creamy vegan soap! Made with organic Hemp Seed oil, and other all natural ingredients. This is a sudsy, high lather, skin conditioning bar, boldly scented with earthy Patchouli and soothing Lavender essential oils.***As with all Aradia Naturals cold process soaps, this is a 100% natural soap. High in Essential Fatty Acids and good for your skin! Synthetics-free. Robust (unisex) scent of pure Patchouli and Lavender essential oils.
  • Large: Molded “Tree of Life”.
  • Small: Molded “100% Hand Made”.


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Soap – Soothing Goats Milk & Oatmeal Soap

This is probably the strangest-looking soap you have ever seen, and the kindest thing you skin will ever experience!

Excellent for the most sensitive skin types. This product has helped people with eczema, acne and rosacea. Feel a big difference after only a few days of using it.

This soap is loaded with rich goat’s milk straight from the farm with soothing oatmeal.

Soothes irritation and will not dry out your skin. Preserves the skin’s natural mantle. Loved by everyone who tries it!

*You will receive one 100 gram bar, or  two 50 g bars in your package.

(Keep in a well-drained soap dish between uses)


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Contains Pure whole goats milk, water, sodium hydroxide, tallow, coconut oil, castor oil, oatmeal.

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