Antiperspirant Body Powder – UNISEX Patchouli & Lime

There's No Need at All to Use Harsh Synthetics or Fake Perfume to Keep Your Body Clean & Fresh!

This absorbent powder contains astringent & antibacterial oils that help alleviate wetness and odor, plus it smells Great!
3/4 to 1 tsp. under your arms at the start of your day is all you need to keep yourself dry and odor-free till bedtime. Can also be used as a dusting powder all over your body.
Zingy Lime paired with Earthy Patchouli is a great combination. Throughout your day, the Patchouli scent intensifies as your body warms the essential oil.
Comes in an eco-friendly jar (200 grams). Dollar for dollar this powder far outlasts commercial products.
Note: If using under arms, wash before applying.

If you prefer to apply this powder with a brush, here is a handy little tool, perfect for travelĀ (Go to Accessories ).


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