Herb – Lavender Flowers – 25 grams

Fragrant Lavender flowers for a potpourri jar or sachet.

The scent is demonstrated to reduce stress and even lower the heart rate. Very good for calming and soothing heart & soul. It is very long lasting as well. The scent of Lavender is a deterent for mites and moths, so serves well in a drawer or near a pet's bedding. (Cats should refrain from eating Lavender).
Add with other flowers, herbs, or spices to a bowl.  some nice additions include:
Orris Root, Wild Clover, Cinnamon Bark, Cloves, Mint, Sandalwood Chips, Cedar Leaves/Wood, Lavender Flowers (I may have these in stock--enquire if interessted.)
Or enhance the scent with some pure essential oils.

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