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Massage – Muscle & Joint Massage Oil

This blend has a non-medicinal scent so can be worn anywhere/anytime.

Users have reported it helps with chronic pain from old injuries, muscular tension and tightness, neck pain, neural pain, fibromyalgia, and many other applications. This massage oil is made with Aradia’s special blend of pure essential oils in a base of high quality Jojoba oil, making it an easy to work with, non-slippery oil. Jojoba has the reputed benefit of being anti-inflammatory and is most like your skin’s natural oils.

This is one of Aradia Naturals’ top products.
Comes in a 50 ml or 100 ml amber glass bottle. (Shake well. Store away from heat and light.)

Caution: as with all products, pregnant or nursing women, people on medications, or with serious health issues should consult with their physician prior to using aromatherapy or herbal products.

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