Skin Care – “Revive” Facial Oil – 30 ml

An all-natural formula which nourishes the skin, improving its overall appearance and condition.

Contains Organic Hemp Seed Oil, high in essential fatty acids, jojoba oil which has anti-inflammatory properties and is most like your skin's natural oils. High quality pure essential oils and vitamin E are also an integral part of this formula.

Here are some of the properties of some of the essential oils included:

BENZION: Helps cracked, dry skin, making it more elastic. Good for redness, irritation & dermatitis.
CARROT SEED--strengthens red blood cells, adding tone & elasticity to skin, may remove age spots & help scarring, detoxifying. Helpful for many skin issues. High in vitamin A.
CYPRESS--Balances skin fluids. Good for mature skin as well as oily skin. Astringent.
FRANKINCENSE--Tonic that revitalizes ageing skin and smooths wrinkles. Astringent & balancing, anti-inflammatory.
PALMAROSA--Aids cell regeneration, balances, helps skin infections, reputed to eradicate wrinkles. Stimulates natural secretion of sebum.
SANDALWOOD--softens skin. Good for ageing or dry skin, relieves itching, antiseptic. Brightens dull skin.

Apply morning and night. Can be worn under makeup instead of a moisturizer.

*Store away from heat and light.

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