Skin Care – Facial Mask Kit – “Soothing Lavender”

This facial mask kit is suitable for all skin types.

Lavender is antiseptic and soothing to skin. It's been shown to speed healing, and has many other wonderful properties.
Just add water and stir well. Apply to face, neck and upper chest. The kit comes with a wooden applicator/mixing stick, and is packaged ineco-friendly compostable container.
Facial masks should be a regular part of anyone's skin care regime. Clay mask treatments promote circulation, help to unclog pores & keep skin blemish-free. Clay masks should be used 1x/week for dry skin; 3x/week for oily skin. Enjoy clear skin--the natural way.

Directions: Add water until smooth--the more water, the smoother the mask will become. Use it all up as it contains no preservatives. You may want to reserve half of the powder blend for a second treatment. Apply to face, neck and upper chest, avoiding eye area. The mask will tighten as it dries. When completely dry, wash off. You may need to use a face cloth to get it all off.

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