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Skin Care – “Revive” Facial Oil – 30 ml

An all-natural formula which nourishes the skin, improving its overall appearance and condition.

Contains Organic Hemp Seed Oil, high in essential fatty acids, jojoba oil which has anti-inflammatory properties and is most like your skin’s natural oils. High quality pure essential oils and vitamin E are also an integral part of this formula.

Here are some of the properties of some of the essential oils included:

BENZION: Helps cracked, dry skin, making it more elastic. Good for redness, irritation & dermatitis.
CARROT SEED–strengthens red blood cells, adding tone & elasticity to skin, may remove age spots & help scarring, detoxifying. Helpful for many skin issues. High in vitamin A.
CYPRESS–Balances skin fluids. Good for mature skin as well as oily skin. Astringent.
FRANKINCENSE–Tonic that revitalizes ageing skin and smooths wrinkles. Astringent & balancing, anti-inflammatory.
PALMAROSA–Aids cell regeneration, balances, helps skin infections, reputed to eradicate wrinkles. Stimulates natural secretion of sebum.
SANDALWOOD–softens skin. Good for ageing or dry skin, relieves itching, antiseptic. Brightens dull skin.

Apply morning and night. Can be worn under makeup instead of a moisturizer.

*Store away from heat and light.

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