Why I do What I Do

As a long time student of herbalism, I enjoy creating products that are of benefit to the body and which utilize the gifts of Mother Earth. Starting from my early years, I was very fond of cooking, so this interest in herbal materials easily transferred to all manner of concoctions in the kitchen. Over time, my recipes became more refined and perfected. I later expanded into soap making and aromatherapy. Today, it gives me great pleasure to be able to produce body care and herbal products that are good for, both, mind and body.

I have a large rural yard which provides me with a ready supply of wild herbs, so some of the ingredients that go into my teas, salves, soaps and perfumes have been wild crafted on site. What could be better than that?

Living a life that is in harmony with nature is a decision one makes. This commitment to purity and health is reflected in all of my products.

My motto? “Nurture Your Body & Respect the Earth!”

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