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Natural Antiperspirant Body Powders
Patchouli & Lime (Unisex)
Anti-perspirant Body Powder
1 tsp. under the arms after a morning shower will have a lasting effect until bedtime. Wear all over your body.  Pleasant, lingering, earthy scent.
Lavender, Rose Geranium & Orris
Anti-perspirant Body Powder
1 tsp. under the arms in the morning will keep you fresh smelling and dry until bedtime. Wear all over your body too. Heavenly natural floral scent.
Baby Powder
All-Natural,Talc-Free. Softly scented with pure Lavender & Ylang Ylang essential oils. A healthier alternative than regular baby powders.
Aradia Naturals Body/Room Sprays
.Spa . Lavender . Tea Tree . Summer Spritzer
* * *
Want to learn how to make soap?
Cold Process Natural Soaps & Shampoo Bars
Hemp Soap - Plain or Patchouli & Lavender
(Creamy lather. Made with organic Hempseed oil & pure essential oils) 
Lavender Castille Complexion Soap
(Emollient & creamy, made with mainly olive oil, and healing Lavender )
Lemon Grass Castille Soap
(Emollient & creamy, made with mainly olive oil & uplifting Lemongrass )
Ylang Ylang Castille Soap
(Emollient & creamy, made with mainly olive oil, & relaxing Ylang Ylang )
Honey & Beeswax Soap
(Natural honey aroma, gentle & moisturizing. Perfectly natural for the most sensitive of skin types)
Goat's Milk & Oatmeal Soap
(Super-rich & gentle. Voted "Best"
by devoted fans for problem skin)
Avocado & Yolks Dry Hair Shampoo/Body Bar
Aloe & Gingergrass Shampoo Bar for Normal-Oily Hair

Glycerin Soaps
natural glycerin soap Heart Shaped Natural Glycerin Soap
Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon Tea Tree, Spearmint Glycerine Soaps, & More! 
White Sage & Rosemary Glycerin-based Ritual Soap
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Read Those Labels

How many of us read our labels when it comes to the personal care products we purchase in stores?  And if we do, how many of us understand what those ingredients mean?

The average consumer is at the mercy of slick advertisers that sway us into believing products are what they may not in fact be.

There are a lot of common ingredients that really aren't all that good for us, and just plain wrong to add to our environment.
Aradia Naturals creates products that are good for you, that work, and
that don't hurt our earth.