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Superior Quality Incense Sticks

Hand-dipped in Pure Essential Oils

Amazing Scent----POTENT---Nature's True Aromas!
Don't settle for synthetic scents when you can have the real thing!
A Wide Selection is Always in Stock!

About Aradia Naturals Incense

Aradia uses only pure essential oils in its incense sticks. Essential oils have a much lovelier aroma than do synthetic  fragrance oils, plus are healthier to have buring in your home.
The essential oils in each incense blend were specifically chosen for their physiological & emotional effects.
They will keep very well with proper storage. It is recommended that they be tightly wrapped in plastic bags or placed into air tight jars.

To Purchase Incense Sticks, Resins, Charcol & Smudges:

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Sweet Grass Braids
White Cedar
Pit-fired Leaf Smudge Bowls
Assorted Incense Holders
Hand dipped incense sticks