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 What is the goal of perfumery?  Why do people wear perfume?
The fine art of perfumery has been around for centuries. In former times, obviously, access to synthetics was not possible, yet perfume samples uncovered at archeological sites (for example in the tombs of Egypt), revealed perfume which still retained their vibrancy and beauty! So unlike our modern times, where all manner of ingredients make it into scented formulae, some argue, to give the scent more staying power. I wonder how well these will fare after 5,000 years in the ground. Likely, they will not smell as good as the natural materials our intelligent ancestors used.
 People have their own reasons and habits regarding self-fragrancing. Some, one would think, wear perfume to scent an entire room! Others, thankfully, take a more sublte approach, to make themselves and others feel good. Perhaps we are more attractive as well when we smell delightful!
The reasons people use perfume are complex and primordial! I cannot envsion a time when this will fall out of practice.
We all know the amazing power of scent on our emotions, and that our sense of smell is the most powerful trigger of memory. So, too, we create new memories when we wear perfume--let's hope they will be fond ones!

Aradia Naturals
perfumes are made exclusievely with pure and natural ingredients, using
essential oils, absolutes and botanicals. Synthetic fragrances and dyes are never used.

Natural Roll-on Perfumes
fragrant soy wax melts
Scent your body or scent your room. Soy wax melts are infused with essential oils and are non-toxic. (Available in assorted scents.)
Place one in your aromatherapy diffuser and you're all set!