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Natural Help for Blemished Skin Clear Improvement
"Clear Improvement"
(Topical  Treatment)

An effective, natural solution for problem skin of any type.

Will not dry skin. Helps shrink blemishes & soothe redness. Massage onto affected area morning and at bedtime after washing.
Suitable to wear under makeup instead of using moistuizer, but avoid eye area.
Nourishing Facial & Body Scrubs sugar scrubs
."Lavender & Roses" Ultimate Sugar Scrub
."Love That Chamomile"  Ultimate Sugar Scrub
."Sea Weed Shower Scrub" Anti-Cellulite
Clay Facial Mask Kits
Just Add Water
Includes Biodegradable Packaging clay mask kits
The use of natural clay masks is beneficial for any complextion. Toxins and pore-clogging debris are drawn out of skin, leaving the skin cleaner & smoother, and less prone to blemishes.

Single pack contains enough mask for a single application to face, neck and upper chest.

Clay facial masks may be used up to 3 times/week. (1-2 times for drier skin types).

See more at:
Facial Skin Care
"Revive" Facial Oil
Revive Facial Rejuvenating Oil
With organic Hemp Seed Oil (High in essential fatty acids) and soothing Jojoba Oil, which is a natural anti-inflammatory. (Jojoba is most like your skin's natural oils, so won't clog pores.)
High quality pure essential oils & Vitamin E are also an integral part of this formula.
Here are some of the properties of the e/os used in this formula:
BENZION--Helps cracked, dry skin, making it more elastic. Good for redness, irritation & dermatitis.
CARROT SEED--strengthens red blood cells, adding tone & elasticity to skin, may remove age spots & help scarring, detoxifying. Helpful for many skin issues. High in vitamin A.
CYPRESS--Balances skin fluids. Good for mature skin as well as oily skin. Astringent.
FRANKINCENSE--Tonic that revitalizes ageing skin and smoothes wrinkles. Astringent & balancing, anti-inflammatory.
PALMAROSA--Aids cell regeneration, balances, helps skin infections, reputed to erradicate wrinkles. Stimulates natural sceretion of sebum.
SANDALWOOD--Softens skin. Good for ageing or dry skin, relieves itching, antiseptic. Brightens dull skin.
Ointments, Salves & Balms
Peppermint Balm
Calendula Lip Balms, plain or with Peppermint essential oil.
Calendula Salve Calendula Salve - Gentle enough for baby, and very sensitive skin. Use on dry cracked hands, feet, elbows, around eyes, on lips, or anywhere. Very soothing.
This salve is infused with healing Calendula blossoms, contains Vitamin E, and contains no paraffin or synthetic fragrances. The only scent is from the pure beeswax in the base.
Comfrey Salve Comfrey Salve - Made with freshly dried organic Comfrey leaves, Olive, Grapeseed & Castor Oils, Beeswax and Vitamin E, with a gentle, non-irritating preservative.
This wonderfully healing salve also includes soothing Lavender and Eucalyptus Essential Oils, which bring comfort to irritated, itchy skin. Comfrey is known to be an excellent skin healer, and this salve comes highly recommended, particularly for dry skin. It also helps alleviate the discomfort of eczema and psoriasis.
Natural Hair Care
Gloves, processing cap & detailed instructions are included. Hennas (All-Plant)
Try a Henna to add shine and strength to your hair, naturally.
natural henna kit
Aradia's Red Hot Henna
(Exciting Red Highlights.)
Leave in longer for greater brightness

Aradia's Darkening All-plant Henna
(Naturally Darkens 1 to a few shades darker.)
Leave henna mix on longer for more dramatic results (up to 3 hours). For a more subtle effect, leave henna on for a half hour to 45 minutes. For added conditioning, henna powders may be combined with hot water and plain yogurt.
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About Hennas

 Hennas are good for your hair if they are composed of pure plant matter. Some commercial henna products contain metal additives which gives greater color variety, but these may not be healthy in the long run. Also, metal containing Hennas can turn some people's hair green (usually grey hair).
All-plant hennas are more grey-friendly.
Aradia's Hennas may be mixed together to achieve different results.  Mix 1/3 dark with 2/3 red for a rich auburn color on brown hair.

Henna on med .brown hair
This is an example of a mixture of 2/3 Darkening Henna & 1/3 Red Hot Henna on (virgin) medium brown hair with slight greying. The henna paste was kept in for 35 minutes.  The picture shows the results 2 weeks after the henna treatment.

Add a spoonful of tea leaves, cinnamon, or turmeric powder to the henna powder to change the highlights.  It's fun to experiment!
When trying out a henna color, bear in mind that you will not be able to use a chemical hair color since hennas will coat the hair. However, a salon may be able to strip your hair of the henna, before applying a chemical hair dye.
If you already use a chemical hair dye, you may use hennas but the outcome may be less reliable due to the increased porousness of your hair.

Henna over Processed Hair
This is an example of applying the Red Hot Henna over hair that had been previously stripped, bleached and streaked several different colors. The henna paste was kept on for about 1 hour.  This is 1 week after the henna treatment.